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    Gotheborg.com - The Antique Chinese Porcelain Collectors Page

    Sponsors and Donors of Books and Catalogs

    Over the years Gotheborg.com has become a meeting place for some of the most knowledgeable Antique Asian Art and Ceramics dealers, authors, scholars and collectors in the world. Some of which have written or published books on the subject, and been kind enough to donate a copy to the Gotheborg.com reference library. Some has generously donated antiquarian catalogs and reference books from their own libraries, all of which are now kept as an important part of the reference library used for this site. As a small sign of gratitude I have taken the liberty to list your names here.

    Jörg Arend, Germany
    Asian Rare Books, New York
    Roxanna M Brown, Bangkok
    Jennifer and Thomas Cleij, Utrecht, Holland
    Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, Singapore
    Thomas Dolan, Honolulu, HI., USA
    Tommy Eklöf, Karlstad, Sweden
    Caleb S. Esterline, Hoboken, NJ, USA
    Irene Frankenberg, Stetten bei Meersburg, Germany
    Anna och Björn Gremner
    Clevie Hornstrand, Stockholm
    Matthew Hoyle, Hong Kong
    Christian J A Jörg
    Peter Lam, Hong Kong
    Museum of Art and Far Eastern Antiquities in Ulricehamn, Sweden
    Tony Miller
    Simon Ng, Hong Kong
    Ian Parker, Malaysia
    Chris Pomeroy, Hamburg, Germany
    Sten Sjöstrand, Malaysia / Sweden
    Hans Slager, Belgium
    Lutz Slomianka, Switzerland
    Roger Tauss, Washington, DC, USA
    Barbara Ulus
    Mike Vermeer, Vermeer & Griggs Asian Art, Los Angeles, CA, USA
    John Williams, Wrexham, United Kingdom
    Anders and Berit Wästfelt, Liden, Sweden
    Tony Yalin Zhang, Beijing, China



    The Gotheborg web page went online first time in 26th of November 1996 under the by Jan-Erik Nilsson registered domain gotheborg3.se, to focus mostly on the Swedish East India Trade to China during the 18th century. In 1996 it changed name and focus towards a Chinese and Japanese Porcelain Collectors Help and Information page. The 27th of June 1999 an email list was added. In April 23, 2003 the discussions were moved into a private Discussion Board to avoid spam and guarantee continuity. Over the years many people have joined this collectors community, made friends, had fun and on the whole contributed to make the world a little better place. Design and content of all pages as they appear on gotheborg.com © Jan-Erik Nilsson, Gothenburg, Sweden 1993-2017.