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    Xuantong (1909-1912) period bowl

    Blue and white fish bowl dated to the 3rd year of Xuantong. Motif typical of late Qing Period. The picture and information submitted by Mr. N K Koh as a reference.

    Interestingly enough we have a piece of porcelain here, specifically dated to - 1911. By just looking at the painted decoration most antiques dealers would immediately have called this "19th century".

    As for the best clue to the real age of this piece I would suggest the shape, with the small base and the wide, flat, rim. It is also worth noticing the greek key-fret border, which is painted like a running series of "S"-characters. This occurs on and off during the centuries but in combination with the decoration with the unusual butterfly and the shape of this jar, it is a definitive clue to an early 20th century date.

    Jan-Erik Nilsson