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    Wufu - five bats decoration

    I am looking for illustrations of Chinese porcelain decoration of 'wufu' or bats. On another site I came across a description describing the importance of bats in Chinese mysticism:

    BAT - Emblem of happiness. Usually painted red, the colour of joy. The Wu Fu, or five bats of happiness, stand for the five blessings: old age, wealth, health, virtue and natural death.

    Wufu decoration is apparently used extensively by the Chinese in decoration of all sorts, especially porcelain.

    I would be most thankful if you could advise of a website or source that could provide some illustrative reference.

    A iron red Wufu Imperial Daoguang dish

    Here are two pictures of the best example of "wufu" = five happinesses decoration I have come across.

    The dish is a Daoguang 1821 - 1850 Imperial mark and period dish.

    Thank you for your interest.

    Best regards,
    Jan-Erik Nilsson