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    Cedercreutz and Campbell, c. 1752

    This plate dates to the Qing dynasty, Qianlong period, c. 1752-54, and was made for the Swedish Councillor, Count Herman Tresmeden Cedercreutz (1684-1754)and his wife Maria Campbell (1721-65), who married in 1752.

    Count Cedercreutz was awarded The Order of the Seraphim in 1748 - which is included in the coat-of-arms (bottom left) and was advanced to Count in 1751, which would give us a date for this plate in the period between his marriage in 1751 and his death in 1754.

    The decoration is in Grisaille, sepia and gilt.

    Some further reading: Wirgin, Jan, Från Kina till Europa, illustrated and described on p. 139.

    Jan-Erik Nilsson