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    Antique Chinese and Japanese Pottery and Porcelain collector's Discussion Board
    The Gotheborg Discussion Board and related web pages was started in December 1998 to continue the tradition of scholarly generosity set by my own special mentor Prof. em Bo Gyllensvard, by creating a place where collectors and specialists alike, could combine their expertise in their various areas into one big knowledge resource. Here, a global collector's community can share their experiences towards unbiased appreciation, understanding and authentication of Antique Asian Ceramic Art while passing on this hard to acquire material knowledge on real antiques onto students and beginner collector's at the same time.

    The fundamental idea is to encourage learning and mutual help in an increasingly difficult field, while putting all commercial considerations aside.

    With the help of many thousand contributing members this Discussion Board has now grown into a large and much appreciated collector's resource. As of June 2020 we already had more than 340,000 messages posted on more than 32,000 individual pages covering 73 various topics from Neolithic Age to the 21th century, why the best way to start any quest for information is to first use our Search link (top right), before posting a question to the Board.

    All user data are kept confidential and advertising is not allowed, why we depend on a modest membership fee to keep this forum on-line. Voluntary donations towards an optional listing as a [ Sponsors ] is also appreciated. For more info about our Forum please read our [ Board Rules - Policies, Participation and Privacy ]. To sign up or renew your Membership, click here.

    The road to learning should be traveled in good company.
    Welcome to the Gotheborg.com Discussion Board

    Jan-Erik Nilsson

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    Hall of Supreme Harmony
    Board Rules - Policies, Participation and Privacy
    Summary: 1. Ask when you need, 2. Help when you can, 3. No business/no commercial posts.
    0 1 09-11-03  10:30 am Jan-Erik Nilsson
    FAQ - How to Post and Participate
    FAQ on practical issues. See also the " Help/Instructions" link at the bottom of all pages.

    206 18 11-14-20  06:46 pm Arne Andersson
    The Sportsman's Bar [ All today's posts on the whole board ]
    Off Topic Trade News and Friendly Chit-chat [90 days archive]
    News and friendly chit-chat that doesn't fit anywhere else. Threads not added to for more than 90 days will be deleted automatically.
    22227 1843 11-18-20  06:00 pm Tommy Ekl?f
    Hall of Fame - Links to our most informative pages
    As of June 2020 we already had more than 340,000 messages posted on more than 32,000 individual pages covering 73 various topics from Neolithic Age to the 21th century, why some of our most informative pages can be easy to miss. To help with this, please create a page here with an informative name and a link to your favorite most informative pages on any given topic on this Forum.
    11 9 08-29-20  10:24 pm mary lou robertson
    Local Meetings
    Invitations to and reports from local chapter meetings
    987 84 06-25-20  02:38 am Craig Borowski
    Exhibitions and Museum Collections
    Visits at public exhibitions, for easy reference. Please feel free to add your pictures here
    3330 279 10-29-20  03:36 pm Cliff Nunn
    Collection Stickers on Porcelain
    Collection, Exhibition, Museum and Auction Labels found on porcelain.
    384 151 11-10-20  03:35 pm Arne Andersson
    Price Records and Exceptional Tales
    Welcome to post any and all information on spectacular price records and antiques trade lore from today and days gone by.
    1217 119 05-23-20  07:23 pm Karl Emil
    Simons Quest
    Put your fellow members on an educational trial. This topic are for objects whose authenticity (or lack thereof) are known, and where clues can be given gradually to stimulate discussion.

    7913 305 10-30-20  02:48 pm Tommy Ekl?f
    Chinese Pottery and Porcelain

    If you are uncertain about where to post a new question, use the Board Search link (top right) to find a topic with similar pieces.
    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit "Post a New Question to the Discussion Board". Write as meaningful a title as you can to your question.

    Early Pottery
    Neolithic and later earthenware, "proto-porcelain" jars and figures, Zhou, Warring States and Han, Sui, Tang, Ming and Qing figures and architechtural pieces, Changsha wares.
    11608 999 11-18-20  08:23 pm Giel Louws
    Green glazed wares
    Yue yao, Zhejiang Celadon, Northern and the numerous Southern Song kilns, Thai, Korean and Japanese ceramics and any related Asian ceramics with mostly green/gray/brown monochrome glaze
    14918 1325 11-06-20  08:53 pm Craig Borowski
    White wares
    White round wares from Tang dynasty, Ding yao, Qingbai/Yingqing, white Jingdezhen porcelain from Ming, Qing and later, Fujian province, etc.
    13716 1067 11-04-20  09:40 am Geoffrey Middle
    Crackled wares
    Song Guan or Ge or later imitations. Any porcelain with crackled glaze as an intentional decorative feature
    2619 289 10-24-20  04:36 pm Matthieu Gilles
    Brown and Black wares
    Temmoku / Jian ware, Huangpu, Lushan, Cizhou and Jizhou.
    9460 796 11-18-20  09:06 pm Xavier Miclet
    Jun family type of wares
    3231 218 11-18-20  11:33 am Giel Louws
    Yixing (Buccaro) 'Purple Clay' 2708 313 10-28-20  03:21 pm alexander ferraro
    Yuan porcelain
    Primarily Yuan porcelain with underglaze red or underglaze blue and white decoration. Monochromes can be posted elsewhere.
    2434 143 09-26-20  05:21 pm cameron thompson
    Ming period porcelain, all decorations
    Underglaze blue and white, copper red and white, polychromes, Wucai, Swatow (Zhangzhou) ware etc.
    15511 1116 11-18-20  03:35 am Jan-Erik Nilsson
    'Kraak' style decoration
    If you are not sure if the decoration is Kraak, you can post under 'Ming', since that is usually what it is too.
    1763 123 10-30-20  08:13 pm michael john donoghu
    Chinese Imperial Porcelain
    Discussions related to Imperial porcelain as such, ordering, decoration, marks, use etc.
    2814 146 11-02-20  08:07 pm ALAIN
    Early to mid Qing Blue and White
    Typically Transitional and Kangxi blue and white with common shapes and decoration, that are not Armorial nor Imperial
    21189 1724 11-19-20  02:17 am Peter Oudemans
    Early to mid Qing porcelain - polychrome
    Early to mid Qing dynasty polychrome wares, such as wucai, doucai, susancai that are not of armorial or special design type, nor Imperial.
    13397 1011 11-17-20  09:20 pm Jan-Erik Nilsson
    Chinese Western Market Export Porcelain
    Special designs, Armorial porcelain, all pieces with shapes and decorations made to order or to fit foreign taste and customs.
    Decorations typically blue and white, Willow Pattern, Famille Rose, Famille verte (Kangxi wucai), Chinese Imari, Rose Medallion, etc.
    16881 1531 11-19-20  12:03 am Jan-Erik Nilsson
    "Clobb'd" porcelain
    Chinese export porcelain with secondary enamel decoration added in Europe
    815 73 08-24-20  05:02 pm Cliff Nunn
    Mid Qing to 21th century - Polychrome
    19th and 20th century - Guangxu, Early Republic, Straits Chinese Porcelain, Fahua, fencai, the Eight Friends of Zhushan, Jiangxi Porcelain Co., Mao Zedong, etc.
    25592 2362 11-19-20  12:36 am Mike Harty
    Mid Qing to 21th century - Blue and White
    From "Kangxi revival" to modern wares. All pieces where underglaze blue is involved, also underglaze blue and red and high fired cobalt glaze.
    4425 558 11-01-20  04:38 pm Eric Tipton
    Porcelain plaques 961 90 06-15-20  05:59 pm Rupprecht Mayer
    Dated porcelain
    Porcelain dated to a specific year by their inscriptions.
    4237 301 11-08-20  04:06 pm Arne Andersson
    Michaela Russel's Republic Period Patterns & Marks Project
    Michaela's Republic Period Patterns & Marks Project
    221 33 10-30-20  01:49 am Elizabeth Ang
    Tommy Eklof's Facial Features and Adornments Research Project
    Welcome to comment and add new photos to the database
    925 38 09-14-20  02:43 pm Cliff Nunn
    Cultural Revolution Period Porcelain
    1965-75 Chinese cultural revolution porcelain inside and outside of China proper, including Macao and Hong Kong decorated porcelain of the period.
    408 47 02-22-20  08:51 pm Jan-Erik Nilsson
    Bleu de Hue
    Chinese porcelain for the Vietnamese market
    224 40 10-03-18  09:31 am Hans Slager
    Figures or sculpted porcelain, Blanc-de-Chine or polychrome
    White or polychrome sculpted pottery or Porcelain - Chen Guozhi, Wang Bingrong, Li Yucheng and similar, white, Blanc-de-Chine (Dehua), Shiwan or other polychrome ceramic wares, decorative or altar figures
    2986 358 10-01-20  11:10 pm Anastasia Kharchenko
    Colored glazes such as Ox-blood, peach bloom, powder blue, tea dust, yellow, green, mirror black, Faux bronze, faux wood, etc.
    8616 725 11-19-20  12:09 am Marco Baena
    Snuff Bottles
    Special topic for Snuff Bottles regardless of material or decoration - porcelain, glass, lapiz lazuli, lacquer, bone etc.
    2257 286 10-11-20  09:22 pm Giovanni Repetti
    Chinese Porcelain Marks
    Before posting any questions here kindly first browse the gotheborg.com "Marks" section. Additions and corrections for that section could be added here.
    4573 612 06-29-20  08:44 am alfredolloza
    Chinese Porcelain Motifs
    On particular stories and their illustrations that appear on porcelain, with documentation and pictures of variations that appear on porcelain from different periods. Topics on particular motifs, such as dragon depictions/variations.
    2386 149 09-14-20  06:53 pm Rupprecht Mayer
    Modern Chinese Art Porcelain
    Works currently produced by individual artist. Jiangxi's Ceramic Research Inst., etc
    222 45 01-09-20  01:08 pm Maciej Magura
    Chinese Kilns, Clays, Glazes and Decorations
    Cross topic question that does not belong under any particular ware
    1659 123 07-21-20  02:17 pm Jan-Erik Nilsson
    Last resort - Help Needed - Chinese?
    Chinese pottery and porcelain last resort posting topic. If posted here your question will need to be moved.
    If you loose track of a post, use the Board Search to find it again. Remember to always write a meaningful title to your question so you can recognize it.

    16967 1645 11-15-20  03:06 am Jan-Erik Nilsson
    Japanese Pottery and Porcelain

    If you are uncertain about where to post a new question, use the Board Search link (top right) to find a topic with similar pieces.
    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit "Post a New Question to the Discussion Board". Write as meaningful a title as you can to your question.

    Japanese Section 'Off Topic'
    Friendly thoughts and chit-chat that doesn't fit anywhere else
    858 112 08-08-20  09:52 am Howard Reed
    Last resort - Help Needed - Japanese?
    Japanese pottery and porcelain last resort posting topic. If posted here your question will need to be moved.
    If you loose track of a post, use the Board Search to find it again. Remember to always write a meaningful title to your question so you can recognize it.
    2347 240 11-19-20  12:30 am I & M Heriot
    Japanese Polychrome Arita 'Imari' Porcelain
    Kinrande (Blue Underglaze, Polychrome enamels and Gold). Akae (red dominating) or Iroe decorated with gilt decoration and other colors mostly for export.
    11742 1077 11-16-20  11:00 pm Howard Reed
    Japanese Meiji-19-20th century polychrome enamels
    All Meiji and later polychrome enamels, including all Meiji and later commercial kilns like Koransha, Fukagawa and Noritake. Also all wares labeled 'Made in Japan', 'Japan', 'Nippon' or with an 'M in wreath' etc. Also Geisha Girl, Dragonware and Moriage decoration. From the Meiji period (1868-1912) and later.
    5172 594 11-16-20  12:49 am Jim Horne
    Arita Blue and White Porcelain
    Sometsuke and Ko-Sometsuke. This is the dominating kiln area for Japanese porcelain of the 19th century and older, in particular to the West since so much of this was exported.
    Post Japanese Blue and White here when in doubt.
    5454 552 11-11-20  12:50 pm Mike Brett
    Other Japanese Blue and White
    Underglaze Blue and white decorated porcelain of unknown but Japanese origin.
    988 111 10-31-20  01:43 pm Tommy Ekl?f
    Japanese Figures
    Human and animal figures could all be posted here regardless of kiln type or area.
    799 108 06-28-20  01:44 am I & M Heriot
    Japanese Monochromes
    Awaji and similar wares with entirely or mostly monochrome glazes. Japanese Celadon
    671 89 03-14-20  01:24 am alexander ferraro
    Japanese blue and white transfer printed decoration
    Blue and white Japanese porcelain with stenciled, transfer printed or otherwise print supported decoration
    758 86 11-19-20  04:02 am John Boyce
    Carrie Lamberts Japanese Cobalt Blue Ceramics and other polychrome transfer printed decoration project
    Cobalt Blue Ceramics and similar second half 20th century transfer printed decorations, including but not limited to Japan
    409 107 09-28-20  09:44 pm Carrie Lambert
    Japanese Porcelain Marks and Motifs
    Before posting any questions here kindly first browse the gotheborg.com 'Japanese Marks' section.
    3091 476 08-26-20  07:25 pm Paul Gamba
    Japanese Studio Pottery and Contemporary Porcelain 1485 215 09-14-20  11:48 pm Howard Reed
    Sumida, Banko, Hagi, Mashiko, etc.
    and other difficult to identify Japanese Pottery and Stoneware
    2072 286 10-30-20  12:04 am Howard Reed
    Hirado 1264 116 10-15-20  01:20 pm Sindre Grotmol
    Kakiemon and Kakiemon style enamel decoration
    1250 83 11-18-20  03:36 am Howard Reed
    For more information on Kutani, kindly also refer to Georges Bouvier's Kutani Collectors web-site.
    7906 882 11-17-20  01:11 am Joe Hertel
    Nabeshima and 'Nabeshima style'
    674 64 11-15-20  03:39 am Cliff Nunn
    Satsuma and Satsuma-Like
    Original Satsuma earthenware but also 'Satsuma marked' items and 'Satsuma looking' pices
    8245 900 11-14-20  11:14 pm David Lacasta
    Formerly Owari and Nagoya, renamed to Aichi Prefecture 1872. Largest ceramic center i Japan

    1315 130 11-19-20  12:06 am Alex Lenehan
    General pottery and porcelain questions
    Mystery Pieces 3693 391 10-26-20  12:13 am Carrie Lambert
    Known methods of faking
    Method and technology in making pottery and porcelain fakes
    1002 90 08-25-20  01:56 pm Geoffrey Middle
    Discussions on Shapes
    The shape of a piece is probably the most important clue to the identification of an item with regard to its authenticity and period. This category is for the discussion on the uniqueness (not just the shape of course) of a particular kind of ware that has been produced throughout a significant period of time in the history of Chinese ceramics like meiping; yuhuchun jar; ginger jar, Gu etc.
    702 47 03-13-20  09:09 pm michael john donoghu
    Base and foot rim archive
    Add foot rims / bases of similar age to the same thread. Start new thread if you want to cover a new type that is not represented.
    290 69 11-13-20  05:24 am Greg C. Brown, M.S.,
    Asia outside China and Japan
    Korea, Vietnam, Thai, Indonesia, etc.

    2530 270 11-18-20  09:43 pm Kalle Florén
    Western wares with Oriental design
    Edm?e Samson of Paris, Delft, Bristol, Bow, Derby, Staffordshire, Caughley, etc. to Bernard Leach
    1386 167 07-19-20  12:28 pm Hans Slager
    Wares from the Middle east/Asia minor 341 38 09-29-20  02:43 am Marco Baena
    Shards and archaeology
    For help to archaeologists and others on unspecified shard finds

    498 51 11-18-20  04:18 pm Tommy Ekl?f
    Gold, Silver, Metal, Cloisonn?, Lacquer, Ivory, Wood, Glass, Jade, Textiles and Paintings, etc.
    Textiles, Rugs, Prints, Silk, Paper, Paintings and Calligraphy
    Textile art as in clothes, Chinese and Tibetan rugs but also anything related to silk and paper as in calligraphy and paintings
    7651 915 11-16-20  11:33 am Arne Andersson
    Non-ceramic pieces such as Wood, Glass, Ivory, Bone, Soft and hard stones, etc.
    Most any non-ceramic wares and sculptures that does not fit anywhere else, being they Chinese or Japanese
    9116 1008 11-02-20  10:58 pm Lars Weller
    Chinese and Japanese lacquer, Lac Burgaut?, cinnabar or lacquer related items that seems to fit here.
    1549 222 07-14-20  10:09 pm Ronnie Cotty
    Chinese Metal, Pewter, Tin, Bronze, Gold, Silver, Cloisonn? and "Canton enamels" etc.
    All Chinese or Tibetan gold, silver or metal pieces with or without enamels and those not identified
    7180 849 10-18-20  10:27 pm Gail Hughes
    Japanese Metal, Pewter, Tin, Bronze, Gold, Silver, Cloisonn? and other enamels
    Japanese metal wares inclusive of swords, armor and dress parts, coper, brass, iron, silver and gold, with and without enamels.
    Also Totai Shippo Cloisonn? enamels, in which a ceramic, earthenware or porcelain body is utilized

    2547 306 10-24-20  03:23 pm Elizabeth Ang
    General Help and Suggestions
    Restoration and conservation
    DISCLAIMER: Any handling at all of an antique item may permanently destroy it, as well as all values related to it such as its financial or historical value. Several of the chemicals and processes described here could be extremely harmful and should not be tried by non-professionals. Please be advised that any actual use of the information found here are solely on the individuals own risk and responsibility. By accessing the messages under this topic you are acknowledging that this disclaimer is read and understood.
    1565 144 11-18-20  04:58 pm Mikael Lavén
    Books - trade, review and suggestions
    Titles and recommendations of books and book sellers on Chinese Porcelain - add your favorites here.
    A wise collector should always buy two books per any one item. / JE
    2078 435 11-10-20  02:08 pm Rainer Geschke
    Link suggestions
    Valuable references on the Internet, to be included in the permanent LINKs file.
    545 192 06-01-20  11:01 am Simon Marler
    Words of Wisdom
    Fun, important, clever and unsolicited Advice to the Beginner Collector and New Members. And some board related issues that might have ended here by mistake.
    788 77 08-11-19  04:48 am Ingrid Stockton

    Disclaimer on Service Provided

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